Monday, August 15, 2016

Poetry for The Masses By Mark Lipman

8.5 x 8.5, 108 pages, full color illustrations, $15 (plus shipping)


Drawn from the inspirations of social awakenings throughout the world; born out of the economic and social justice struggles of today, and a living testament of the spirit of the Occupy Movement, this powerful body of work exemplifies the voice of a generation tired of towing the line for a system that provides nothing for its people.

A treasure trove of poetic verse, Poetry for the Masses is bold and brazen indictment of capitalism and is a major step forward in the on-going debate of where we are heading as a society. A clarion call for justice.

“Mark Lipman writes beautifully and honestly for the people. His words are a gift. They give us strength; they remind us of our history, our potential, our bravery, our indomitable spirit. Mark’s poetry teaches us that anything is possible, that nothing has to stand in our way, that together, dignified, focused, and determined, we can change the world!” ~ Ron Kovic author of “Born on the Fourth of July”.

“Mark Lipman makes verses incendiary, an insurrection of words, ideas, rhythms, plowing open the earth for true justice, greater imaginations, for a new world about to blossom. Read Mark’s poetry, think hard on the material he draws on, the concaving of the capitalist world, then act. You’ll be more vital and incandescent for it.” ~ Luis J. Rodriguez, Los Angeles Poet Laureate;
author of “My Nature is Hunger” and “Always Running”.


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